Students are expected to uphold elevated grooming standards, ensuring a clean, neat, and tidy appearance.

In cases where wearing correct dress is not possible, a permit must be obtained from the Principal. This requires a written note from a parent or local guardian and must be presented upon request. Uniform and dress code standards are applicable during travel to and from school or any official out-of- school activities.

Specific guidelines include:

Boys: Must maintain a clean-shaven look without sideburns.

Makeup and Nail Polish: Students are prohibited from wearing visible makeup or nail polish.

Clothing Fit: Deliberately choosing oversized or undersized clothing is considered inconsistent with neat and tidy standards.

Raincoat: A proper waterproof raincoat in any color, long enough to keep shorts or skirts dry, is permissible.

Jewellery (Girls): Except for plain gold or silver ear studs (limited to one per ear), girls should refrain from wearing any other facial jewellery. Studs are worn at the students' own risk.

Undergarments: Garments worn under the school uniform, such as T-shirts or cycle pants, should not be visible.