The word education today more than ever encompasses a world today beyond the confines of classroom. We at JPS are acutely aware of rapidly changing scenario and therefore strive to provide to our pupils a multi faceted learning experience so that we produce a multidimensional individual. School thus provides our students various platforms for quiz, recitation, extempore, speech, elocution, debate, fancy dress, drawing and poster making, handwriting and spelling competitions. "House system" of school functions as an effective instrument for development of the competitive spirit of the students. It furthers develops team spirit by involving students in variety of co-curricular activities. Value of dignity of labour and concern for environment is sought to be incorporated by self help activities that are great part and parcel of daily schedule of school.


Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge'. We at JPS, believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. The school has well stocked consisting of diverse collection of books, including fiction, non-fiction, reference books, and textbooks. These collections cater to various age groups and academic levels, allowing students to explore different genres and subjects.

Labs (Science, Computer)

Theoretical knowledge is incomplete without Practical knowledge. We feel very essential for all students to be computer literate, scientifically educated and calculatedly excelled, therefore well-equipped laboratories for Computer, Physics, Biology & Chemistry respectively are provided where the students bring their learning into practice and explore the knowledge.

Sports & Recreation

Along with providing opportunities for developing mental skills the school also focuses on the value of entertainment and recreation. The school firmly believes on the fact that ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,’ so the sports are never neglected and they are well included in the school’s curriculum. Various interschool and inter house sports activities are organized by school from time to time which enhance the physical, cultural and moral development of the students.


1. School Transport is a facility extended to the students of the school and is not a matter of right for parents.
2. The students willing to avail transport facility must register their names at the beginning of the academic year or at the time of admission.
3. The Bus fares are mainly governed by number of students, route, distance from the school, cost of inputs etc. Hence they are liable to change even during the year.
4. Parents must ensure the routes before seeking transport facilities & it will not be provided one-way at all.
5. Students should get into bus/van from the stops prescribed and diversion to any route or any change will not be permitted.
6. Students should not run, fight or quarrel in the bus/van.
7. Students should obey the instruction of route-in-charge & staff-in-charge and the Principal should be informed in case of any problem/complaint.

Music & Dance

“Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art.”

Dancing, singing and playing music are part of a child’s process of growing up and learning what their bodies can do. It also teaches children how to interact with other people, objects and the world around them. Music education greatly helps in academic studies. Music improves the ability of higher-level thinking. Music and dance increase intelligence. Music does so, by optimal and harmonious development of entire brain (Left and Right brain). Trained and dedicated teachers impart training in various forms of music and dance. Both Vocal and Instrumental music is taught to our students. Playing instruments like Harmonium, Keyboard, Tabla, Guitar, Congo, Drums etc. is taught, besides both Indian and Western forms of dances.